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" 90 Minutes!

That's all you need to learn how to write and self-publish YOUR book. " 

Hi, my name is Meriam Boldewijn.

I’m the proud author of Caregiver 2.0: From Burnout to Powerhouse and creator of Caregiver 2.0, a 6-week live online program for family caregivers who are ready to live in peace and harmony while taking care of their loved ones.

My book has been #1 Amazon Hot New Release three times in a month.

"Having shared the caregiver experience many times, in a variety of relationships, Meriam’s journey through it to find an awareness of self and service spoke loudly to me.

I was immediately struck by the fact that I could hear her voice in the storytelling and see and feel with her as she found her way.

I am most grateful that her book, Caregiver 2.0 From Burnout to Powerhouse has inspired me to write my own caregiver story. Mahalo, Meriam”

Lani Almanza

Founder/CEO at Alaka’i Associates

I know you have an important story to tell, but you’re also thinking:

·  Who would want to read my book?

·  What if I write it and no one likes it?

·  I'm not familiar with the writing process

·  I don’t have time

·  I don’t have money

·  What if I fail?

Is the above holding you back from writing your book?

Then I've got something just for you!


I know EXACTLY how you feel since I've been where you are now.

I WANTED to share my story with the world, but I didn’t know how and where to start.

Most people struggle to put their thoughts into written words, but that doesn’t mean your story shouldn’t be told - there are people who need to hear it!

Don’t give up on the dream of being a published author before you even begin.

The world needs to know your story and you can help others by sharing it!

"Thank you for sharing your story. Inspiring to see where you have come from and how you are using that to help others."


Instagram Review

Introducing the How To Write And Self-Publish Your Book PROGRAM (1:1)

This program is the result of my writing journey as a beginner and I have discovered valuable information that is not shared on the internet.

I will teach you step-by-step how to go about the book-writing and self-publishing process even as a beginner. This program is the foundation you need to go from idea to publishing.


I started not knowing anything, and 10 months after I started writing my book, I self-published it.

The result of grabbing my bags with fear, courage and motivation led to being:

  • #1 AMAZON HOT NEW RELEASES 3 times in a month

  • on the front page of local newspapers

  • featured on Ingramspark's Instagram page

  • invited as a speaker and much more..

  • Are You Ready To Become A Self-Published Author?

  • I am proof that IT IS POSSIBLE and I'm ready to show you how to achieve the same result.

    This is what you’ll learn:

  • How to stay motivated and committed during the writing process

  • The apps that help you write your book faster

  • Which platform to publish your book

  • How to upload your book

  • How to get paid for your book and much more..

  • This Is The Right Time For You To Take Action!

    Join Us Today

    And start changing people’s lives AND earning money. 

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