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Hello, I'm Meriam Boldewijn

I help caregiving individuals and entrepreneurs unlock balance and empowerment in their journey.

As your dedicated coach, I'm thrilled to be by your side as we set sail towards your dreams, embracing your roles as a compassionate caregiver and a dynamic business owner.

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"Taking bold steps, I embraced transformative techniques that brought calm and serenity to my daily life. "


Today, I proudly stand as a fulfilled caregiver, thriving entrepreneur, and dedicated Certified Business Coach. This journey towards balance, happiness, and well-being wasn't always a smooth one. 

There was a time when my husband's health struggles imposed a heavy burden – battling diabetes, enduring dialysis, and undergoing a kidney-pancreas transplant in 2003. Countless surgeries only added to our load. 

Devoting myself to his care, and being the cook, chauffeur, groceries woman, doing household AND working full-time, I unknowingly neglected my own well-being, leading to burnout. 

Caregiving is no cookie-cutter; it can be overwhelming. 

Despite exhaustion and guilt, I refused to succumb to despair. It became clear that prioritizing my own well-being was essential to support my loved ones. I embarked on a relentless search for a practical system that could rejuvenate my energy, grant me space to breathe, and release the guilt associated with self-care. 

Taking bold steps, I embraced transformative techniques that brought calm and serenity to my daily life. 
Though challenging, my unwavering determination fueled a path of healing and self-discovery. 

Then, a pivotal call in November 2012 altered everything. My husband's request to call my brother led to the shocking news of his severe stroke within seconds. The weight was overwhelming, unwelcome emotions flooded my heart. 

Despite caregiving for 2 loved ones, I chose to follow my dream and in 2013 I started my first business: an online shop in exclusive women’s clothing. 

I made a transformative choice – investing in myself even more and crafting a step-by-step system to empower my well-being while caring for others. 

Through unyielding dedication, I developed a system that worked wonders. This system empowered me to prevent burnout, even amidst my brother's health crisis. Its potency reshaped my life. 

In 2020, I wrote my book Caregiver 2.0: from Burnout to Powerhouse and self-published in 2021. I am a caregiver advocate for caregivers around the globe.

I turned my pain into my passion and in 2021, I started guiding fellow caregivers. As I was guiding those caregivers I realized that many owned a business and just like myself caregiving can have impact on your business.

In 2023, I became a Certified Business Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

I am so honored and thrilled to empower caregiving entrepreneurs/business owners, enabling them to not only excel in their businesses but also lead fulfilling lives beyond measures.

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