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Caregiver 2.0

From Burnout to Powerhouse

About the book

Caregiver, I invite you to listen to your body, and make yourself a top priority before taking care of anybody else. Revitalize your energy when your body is whispering. Doing so will extend your own quality of life, so you can breathe better, live more and finally help other from a place of your overflow. You are worth of a wonderful life too!

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Caregiver 2.0 launched on June 10, 2021. Get your copy today!

What our readers are saying

"Reading about your journey into caregiving gave me goosebumps. Although I know the stories first hand, I was still left breathless at times and by the end the tears were flowing and it was difficult to see the screen. You are one tough lady and Martin is a really lucky guy, although I think he would say you are the lucky one. Caregiving is not a given. It takes a certain personality and it can break you if you are not careful. With your book you have certainly pointed out to others what to watch for and how to try to deal with it. Even now you are taking care of others."

Angelique van Wieren- Gomes

"I am an unexpected widow and single mama of two teenage girls. I run my house and a small business. I get the job done. But I don't always rest. I had not thought of myself as a caregiver before. Counselor, yes. ATM, yes. Uber, yes. Fashion advice, chef and librarian, yes. But Meriam reminded me, in her gentle, kind way that I too am a caregiver. And I needed to begin with taking better care of me. And that included down time. All tides rise when the mama rises. And so now, my girls witness a mama who honors and respects herself, her time, her energy and her passions. I have Meriam to thank for that. You simply must talk with her, because her spirit will lift yours. Also she is funny too. Lots of Love"

Dr. Sarah Jefferis

poet, speaker, author, writing coach

Meet the Author

Meriam Boldewijn is a devoted wife, inspiring author, caregiver advocate, motivational speaker, and business entrepreneur. She is the founder and proud owner of Caregiver 2.0, a 6-week online program that offers support, coaching, and life skills to caregivers all over the world.

What they say about Caregiver 2.0!

"What If?

Always being open to new possibilities was one of the first golden bits of advice I got from Meriam Boldewijn."

Juan Carlos - Founder at Inspiral Growth

I Get You, I Got You.

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